Farming and Young People

Kenya is presently seeing a growing number of young people going into farming mostly because of lack of employment in the formal sector. Many however fail to make it due to inadequate knowledge and experience. Farming, like any other profession requires qualifications and expertise. Granted, not many people study agriculture in schools, practical farming can be learnt and experience gained in order to equip young people with vital knowledge to succeed in this venture and spur job creation in Kenya. This is the objective of my farm and blog.

I have established a farm that will act as a model and learning field for all the young people who would like to venture into farming as a source of income. The farm specializes in horticulture, dairy and fish farming. In future I intend to have a comprehensive orchard in order to increase the knowledge on fruit farming in the country. I invite all interested youth to embark with me on this journey as we fight unemployment, poverty and food insecurity in Africa.